Zawsze in Love
Nisekoi Chapter 13 Cover
Japanese title ザクシャ イン ラブ
translation title Zakusya In Rabu
Chapter Information
Chapter number 013
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Zawsze in Love
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Zawsze in Love (ザクシャ イン ラブ, Zakusya In Rabu) is the thirteenth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Kosaki panics after she tells Ruri that she would confess to Raku. Meanwhile, Raku finds Chitoge's punching habits taking its toll on his pendant and wonders if he will meet the girl from ten years ago. He panics after thinking Kosaki could be the one and bumps into someone and drops his pendant, unbeknownst to him.

While with Chitoge, Raku notices she was still upset by the misunderstanding from yesterday and asks her if she was trying to apologize before. To save herself from embarrassment, Chitoge denies it. Annoyed, Raku shouts that such a mindset is trivial when saving a life and he did it without thinking. After hearing such a selfless reason, Chitoge thanks him and apologizes for hitting him in English which Raku doesn't understand but believes as an apology. After Chitoge, walks away from Raku, she finds his pendant on the ground.

Kosaki mentally breaks down in embarrassment again as Raku walks into the classroom. As the two are alone, Kosaki fights an internal battle in her mind about confessing her feelings, but finds this sudden interaction too much for her and causes her to burn up. Concerned for Kosaki, Raku grabs her hand and Kosaki feels this is the right time to confess. Meanwhile, Chitoge remembers that she made a promise with a boy once 10 years ago too and recalls saying "zawsze in love" to him. The chapter ends as Kosaki says "I've always-" mid sentence to Raku. 

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