Temple Festival
japanese title エンニチ
translation Ennichi

Production information

Scenario Yukito Kizawa
Storyboard Takashi Kawabata
Production Takashi Kawabata
Directed by Kazuya Shiotsuki; Akihisa Takano; Junichi Takaoka; Hatsue Nakayama
End card toi8
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast May 3, 2014
Other airdates January 19, 2019 (United States)
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Temple Festival (エンニチ, Ennichi) is the 17th episode of the Nisekoi series that is originally written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi as a manga. The episode premiered on May 3, 2014.
Temple Festival title card

Episode 17 title card.

Overview Edit

At a temple festival, Raku works in one of the food stalls being run by his faction's men. After bumping into Chitoge, she had Raku accompany her as a free pass to most of the stalls. When purchasing a relationship charm, Raku gets separated from Chitoge in the crowd and instead stumbles on Kosaki. Afterwards, Raku's relationship charm gets nabbed by a calico cat and Raku chases after it, passing by Marika then Seishirō. Meanwhile, a yukata-clad Chitoge finds Raku's charm and returns it to him. Reading a sign regarding the meaning behind relationship charms, Chitoge receives a relationship charm as an offer from Raku and mistakes it as a proposal. Raku doesn't understand her surprised expression until he reads the sign about the relationship charms and clears up the misunderstanding.
Temple Festival end card

Episode 17 end card.

Characters Edit

Episode Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Raku is very good at festival games.One of the Shūei Clan members says that they always lose against him in the game booths.

Differences between anime and manga Edit

  • Chitoge's top in the anime is slightly different from the manga. She also doesn't have a stash around her waist in the anime.
  • Kosaki, Marika, and Chitoge's yakutas in the anime are very similar to the manga's but some of the flowers on their yukutas are placed in different areas in the anime.
  • Tsugumi's yakuta in the anime has a completely different design from the manga's.
  • After Shū mistakes Ruri as a hot babe and kicks him for it, she wonders if Kosaki was able to buy a relationship charm in the anime.
  • The sign that explains what happens when someone receives a relationship charm from someone is among a bush in the manga, but in the anime, the sign is among a wall of wishes.

Trivia Edit

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