Stray Dog
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Japanese title ストレイ・ドグ
translation title Sutorei dogu
Chapter Information
Chapter number 041
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Typhoon
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Stray Dog (ストレイ・ドグ, Sutorei dogu) is the forty-first chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


As Chitoge and Raku have their date, Chitoge starts complaining that she is wasting her day with him and decides to leave but finds a stray dog in a box. They feel bad for the dog but neither of them can take him in. Raku picks up the dog and takes a liking to him, but when Chitoge tries to pet him, the dog bites and pees on her. Raku wants to find a home for the dog and makes Chitoge help him find one.

The two visit Kosaki to ask if she would like the dog, despite the dog liking Kosaki, she declines because her mom wouldn't allow it due to their candy business. The two then meet up with Tsugumi, who immediately falls for the dog, but tells Chitoge that she isn't home a lot because of missions which will make it hard for her to actually take care of the dog. They then go see Marika, who also likes the puppy, but says that she can't keep a puppy because she lives in a condominium.

After asking several people and hanging posters for the dog, Chitoge and Raku find no luck in finding a home for the dog a week later. Chitoge decides to let the dog stay at her home, after she and the dog take a liking toward each other, but when Shū calls Raku to tell him that he had found the owner of the dog.

The dog happily runs to his owner but returns to Chitoge for a goodbye. She shuns away the dog but starts crying. Raku offers to pay ramen for her and tells her that she tried really hard to care for the dog despite being the person she is.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Raku can no longer keep any start pets at home because he took too many home when he was young.
  • Chitoge owns a big dog in her home.