Shū clan on valentines day

The Yakuza Gang preparing to give Raku chocolates on Valentine's Day

The Yakuza (やくざ, Yakuza) are the Japanese mafia, they are formerly led by Raku's Father, and Raku is the next in line head of the Yakuza. They are constantly in fights with the Bee Hive Gang, however they are in a truce due to both next in line heads from both groups dating.


Name Rank Status
Raku's Father Former Boss Active
Raku Ichijō Boss Active
Ryū Member Active
Amanashi Takeshi Member Active



The Yakuza

  • All the members of the Yakuza call Raku, Bocchan, which means Young Master.
  • Many of the Yakuza members care about Raku deeply, and are always complementing him.
  • Member, Amanashi Takeshi, is an active member who is also an owner of a cakery named Sweets Syūei , right across the Onodera Japanese Sweets Confections.
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