Chapter 15
Japanese title ライバル
translation title Raibaru
Chapter Information
Chapter number 015
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Zawsze in Love
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Rival (ライバル, Raibaru) is the fifteenth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Shū informs Chitoge and Raku about a new transfer student in their class and that he’s a “beautiful boy”. The new transfer student introduces himself as Seishirō Tsugumi, much to the adoration of the female classmates. Tsugumi gives a slight smile to Raku before noticing Chitoge and hugs her in front of everyone. The class soon assumes Raku has a new rival for his girlfriend.

Tsugumi reveals to Chitoge it was Claude who made the order to stay by her and observe everything. He asks Chitoge to introduce him to Raku. After the introduction Tsugumi starts to praise Raku and tells him how he and Chitoge were raised together and used to play a lot when they were younger.

At lunch, Tsugumi tries to feed Chitoge, much to Chitoge’s embarrassment while the rest of the students think they would be a great pair. Shū tells Raku that Tsugumi is a strong opponent, but Raku secretly isn't concerned since he and Chitoge aren't a real couple.  Chitoge tells Tsugumi to stop feeding her and eventually storms off to the bathroom. Tsugumi takes this chance to invite Raku to the school’s roof for a talk.

On the roof, Tsugumi asks Raku if he truly loves Chitoge. Raku replies he loves her and Tsugumi asks if he would die for her. Raku said he would, in which Tsugumi replies by revealing a gun from his sleeve, he quickly reaches Raku and points it right underneath his chin.Tsugumi is disappointed that Raku didn't put up a fight and claims he couldn't protect Chitoge as he is. He comes to the conclusion Raku is deceiving Chitoge and has forced her into a fabricated love. Frustrated with Raku, he puts the gun away and says he will show he is the one worthy to be by Chitoge’s side.

Raku, remembering a gang war between his and Chitoge’s family will start if it is revealed their love is fake, screams out to Tsugumi that Chitoge is his girlfriend and he won’t give her to anyone. Chitoge, who was just outside the door to the roof, overhears Raku.

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  • Tsugumi and Chitoge were childhood friends. Tsugumi would feed Chitoge and have baths together.

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