Japanese title シャシン
translation title Shashin
Chapter Information
Chapter number 030
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Confirmation
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After School

Picture (シャシン, Shashin) is the thirtieth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


After the talk Raku had with Adelt, he thinks of the possibilities of Chitoge and Kosaki being the possible promise girls but despite all this Raku believes that if Chitoge ends up being the promise girl, he'll end up choosing Kosaki because he's always liked her and the promise is just 'child's play'.

The next day, Shū calls his uncle to fix up Raku's pendant. Raku meets up with Chitoge and sees that she is acting like nothing happened the day before. Once they enter the classroom, Raku notices Claude spying on them and tells Chitoge to act like a couple with but she becomes tense whenever he touches her shoulder.

Later in the day, Kosaki approaches Raku to ask him about how Chitoge was acting strange and also asks him where his pendant was. He tells her that it's being fixed and says he'll check up on Chitoge to see if she's doing fine. This makes Kosaki wonder how Raku really feels toward Chitoge despite being fake lovers.

As the gang look at the pictures from the school trip that have been released, Chitoge and Tsugumi pick several pictures to buy, Ruri tries to get Kosaki and Raku to find and buy a picture of them together while Shū's business of selling pictures he took himself during the trip booms.

Raku looks through the bulletin board of pictures and finds a picture of Chitoge with Kosaki changing in the background. He decides to bring the picture to the teacher to prevent anyone from buying it. As he heads his way to the office, he accidentally bumps into Kosaku and drops the picture. Kosaki picks up the picture but covers the part of herself changing without knowing it with her finger. Raku immediately takes the picture while Kosaki wonders why he has a photo of Chitoge.

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Character Revelations Edit

  • Shū has an uncle that owns a key shop and is currently fixing Raku's pendant.
  • Chitoge acts like an incident never happened the day after.

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