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Nisekoi, Season 1
Nisekoi logo

Production information

Country of origin Japan
Manga span Promise (chapter 1) - Leading Actor (chapter 50)

Broadcast information

Original run January 11, 2014 – ongoing
January 11, 2014 (MBS)
January 11, 2014 (Tokyo Mix)
January 11, 2014 (Chiba TV)
January 11, 2014 (TVK)
January 11, 2014 (Teletama)
January 11, 2014 (Tochigi TV)
January 11, 2014 (GTV)
January 11, 2014 (TV Aichi)
January 15, 2014 (TV Hokkaidō)
January 14, 2014 (TVQ)
January 18, 2014 (BS11)
Time slot 26:28pm (MBS)
23:30pm (Tokyo Mix)
24:30pm (Chiba TV)
24:00pm (TVK)
24:30pm (Teletama)
23:30pm (Tochigi TV)
23:30pm (GTV)
25:50pm (TV Aichi)
26:05pm (TV Hokkaidō)
26:35pm (TVQ)
23:30pm (BS11)
Season chronology
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The first season of the Nisekoi animation series officially premiered on January 11, 2014 around midnight on various television networks in Japan in different places[1]. The anime will end somwehere in May 2013 with 20 episodes based from the manga[2]. The first season has been adapted by the original manga series of Naoshi Komi, which in May 2013 has been announced that the anime of the series has been green-lit in a Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, the magazine were Nisekoi is being published[3]. The anime series is being produced by SHAFT, which is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo[4].

Aniplex USA has licensed the series for streaming in North America[5], and streams the episodes as simulcast with English subtitles in the United States, Canada, South America and South Africa[6].


Main article: Nisekoi (series)

The first season goes about a boy named Raku Ichijō that made a promise with a girl 10-years before the start of the series. The girl gives Raku a pendant but hold the right key to open the pendant. 10-year later, a teenage Raku is seen disliking the fact that he is the second heir of a yakuza family, which he does not want to be part of it. Raku had a bad day at school after that he has been kneed by a mysterious female which is later to be known to be Chitoge Kirisaki, and lost his pendant. After knowing that Chitoge is a transfer student that is going to be Raku's classmate, the two were arguing with each other what had happened at the school yard. Raku discovers that his pendant has gone missing, which he forces Chitoge to look for it with him, which she agrees to although she doesn't want to. Later, Chitoge managed to find Raku's pendant and brough him a message not to mess with her anymore. After that event, Raku is heading back home which his father has a announcement to go on a date with someone, which he sees Chitoge which they both discovers that they are coming from a similar world of coming from a criminal family. The two were being forced to go out with each other after a tension between the yakuza and the gangsters which they are going on war against each other depending on the fake couples mood. The two are faking their relationship to avoid war between the group. This marks the start of the series and the introduction of different females containing different keys which one might be the right one to open Raku's pendant.


Work Staff
Original works Naoshi Komi
Chief Director Akiyuki Shinbo
Series Composition Azuma Fuyako, Akiyuki Shinbo
Director Naoyuki Tatsuwa
Character Design Nobuhiro Sugiyama
Chief Art Director Kazuya Shiotsuki
Color Setting Izumi Takizawa
Visual Effects Motoki Sakai
Director of Photography Rei Egami
Editing Rie Matsubara
Music Satoru Kousaki
Sound Director Toshiki Kameyama
Animation Production SHAFT


Character Voice actor
Raku Ichijō Koki Uchiyama
Chitoge Kirisaki Nao Tōyama
Kosaki Onodera Kana Hanazawa
Seishirō Tsugumi Mikako Komatsu
Marika Tachibana Kana Asumi
Ruri Miyamoto Yumi Uchiyama
Shū Maiko Yuki Kaji
Claude Takehito Koyasu


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Season Episodes
Season premiere Season finale
  1 TBD January 11, 2014 May 24, 2015
Nr. Episode title End card Japanese broadcast
1 "Promise"
(ヤクソク, Yakusoku)
Hirokazu Koyama January 11, 2014
Raku Ichijō made a promise with a girl 10 years ago who gave him a pendant and held the right key to open the pendant. Chitoge Kirisaki is a transfer student that is placed at Raku's school, the two don't create a good relationship with each other. At the end of the week, their father's try to make them a couple to prevent a tension between their groups knowing that Raku's yakuza group and Chitoge's gangsters are in fight with each other.
2 "Encounter"
(ソウグウ, Sōgū)
Hajime Ueda January 18, 2014
Raku and Chitoge are on their first fake date, and both their groups are watching over them. Raku wishes that he went out with Kosaki instead of Chitoge. Raku then meets Kosaki at the park who is convinced that Raku and Chitoge are a couple which doesn't seem to bother her at all.
3 "Similar"
(ニタモノ, Nitamono)
Yuji Himukai January 25, 2014
Raku wants to talk to Kosaki and explain to her that he’s not going out with Chitoge. All the other students are very curios about Raku and Chitoge's relationship, while Claude is still suspicious of what is going on between them. Raku finally decides to consult with Shū.
4 "Home Visit"
(ホウモン, Houmon)
Hekiru Hikawa February 1, 2014
Ruri invites Raku and his friends to hold a study group in Raku's room to help Kosaki with her feelings. When Raku thinks about Kosaki's feelings towards him, the Yakuzas peeking from outside his room begin suspecting that his relationship with Chitoge is a fake. To help advance them as a couple, they trap Raku and Chitoge inside the Ichijō warehouse.
5 "Swimming"
(スイエイ, Suiei)
Kantoku February 8, 2014
After being locked inside the Ichijo warehouse, Raku seeks to clear up the confusion from the situation Kosaki found him and Chitoge in. Meanwhile, Ruri cooks up a second plot to allow Kosaki to show her feelings by making her join the swim team and asking Raku to teach her how to swim for the practice meet the next day, even if Kosaki has no real talent for it. The next day at the practice meet, Chitoge gets a cramp while she is swimming and drowns.
6 "Lending and Borrowing"
(カシカリ, Kashikari)
Mako Aboshi Febraury 15, 2014

Chitoge finds out that Raku was the one who saved her from drowning on the school pool. She tries to thank him, but ends up beating him up more in the process. Kosaki attempts to confess her feelings to Raku but ultimately fails. Chitoge later finds Raku's locket and returns it to him.

7 "Rival"
(ライバル, Raibaru)
Robico Febraury 22, 2014
Seishirō Tsugumi is introduced as a transfer student. As a former acquaintance of Chitoge, Seishirou finds Raku unfit to be Chitoge's lover. Seishirō challenges Raku to a duel but is inadvertently outplayed. While trying to revive his opponent, Raku learns that Seishirō is actually a girl despite her masculinity.
8 "Happiness"
(シアワセ, Shiawase)
MagoMago March 1, 2014
When Raku has to buy pet food, Tsugumi accompanies him to see if he is really fit to be Chitoge's boyfriend. However, Tsugumi is bothered by her developing feelings for Raku, so she later seeks advice from her classmates. After being reminded that Chitoge had a first love, Chitoge opens her closet and reads her old diary from ten years ago. When the entries cease, she discovers a key.
9 "Hot Springs"
(オンセン, Onsen)
Namori March 8, 2014
Raku's class has a trip to a hot springs resort. Chitoge recalls the boy from her diary with a scar on his forehead, but is shocked when she sees Raku with a forehead scar. After settling in, the group plans to take a dip at the hot springs. Claude switches the signs for the men's and women's bath to trap Raku into the wrong hot springs. In the bath, Chitoge finds Raku and is angry at first but understands the situation once they figure Claude is the one causing it. The two cooperate to get Raku to an escape route, however, the other girls arrive.
10 "Lottery"
(クジビキ, Kujibiki)
Akihiko Yoshida March 15, 2014
Raku and Chitoge feels uneasy about the incident at the hot springs and avoid each other. The class holds a test of courage where boys are paired with girls. Raku and Kosaki are luckily paired with each other through a lottery. Meanwhile, a group of students dressed as monsters for the test of courage come up to Chitoge to ask for help when the student who was supposed to be the ghost suddenly got a stomach ache. Chitoge agrees to become their ghost for the test despite her fear of the dark but when the students leave Chitoge at her position for the test, she realizes her flashlight has run out of battery.
11 "Celebration"
(オイワイ, Kujibiki)
Amakura Surume March 22, 2014
When Tsugumi plans a surprise birthday party for Chitoge, and invites Raku and his friends, Ruri makes Kosaki go with Raku to shop for a gift for Chitoge. When Raku asks Kosaki if she is the promised girl from ten years ago, she answers yes, and as she was about to confess, they are interrupted by a phone call. At the party, after receiving her friends and family's gifts, Chitoge asks Raku about his feelings for the promised girl and whether he recognizes the phrase "Zawsze in Love".
12 "Confirmation"
(カクニン, Kakunin)
Mizu Tamago March 29, 2014
Chitoge reveals that she has a key that could unlock Raku's locket, but when they try tot unlock it, her key breaks. While Raku's locket is being repaired, Raku thinks about who might be the one he made a love promise to. Chitoge's father mentions that he recognized Kosaki from the past as the three were friends ten years ago. As Raku comes home, Raku's father mentions he has a photo of the girl that Raku made a promise to ten years ago.
13 "After School"
(ホウカゴ, Hōkago)
Akio Watanabe April 5, 2014
Raku struggles with finding the photo of the girl with whom he made a promise with. After Raku's father tells him the location of where to find the photo, Raku discovers that the girl in the photo is someone else, and that she also has a different key. Raku shares his umbrella with Chitoge in the rain, but when the downpour gets heavy, they rest at a shelter and share the photos they ordered. Raku's father tells them that the girl in the photo is coming to school tomorrow and that she is actually Raku's fiancée.
14 "Ordeal"
( シュラバ, Shuraba)
Ume Aoki April 12, 2014
Baffled by the fact that the girl in the photo is Raku fiancée, the aforementioned girl transfers in Raku's class as Marika Tachibana, the daughter of the police chief. She also bears a key that may unlock Raku's locket. Marika asks him if she remembers her at all ten years ago but Raku has no clue who she is. Marika and Raku then head on a date, with Kosaki, Ruri, Seishirō, and Chitoge spying on them.
15 "Three Keys"
( サンボン, Sanbon)
Mel Kishida April 19, 2014
Finally having recognized Marika, the latter fills in Raku about their childhood days and how she molded herself into being Raku's ideal woman then kissing him on the cheek by surprise. With the existence of three keys further shadowing the true identity of the promise girl — in the midst of the confusion — Marika invites Raku to her home to pay respects to her father.
16 "Typhoon"
( タイフウ, Taifū)
Kouhaku Kuroboshi April 26, 2014
Raku was asked by Kosaki to help out at their family's sweets shop. While in the line of work, a strong typhoon forces Raku to stay at Kosaki's house for the time being.
17 "Temple Festival"
( エンニチ, Ennichi)
toi8 May 3, 2014
colspan"4"= At a temple festival, Raku works in one of the food stalls being run by his faction's men. After bumping into Chitoge, she had Raku accompany her as a free pass to most of the stalls. When purchasing a relationship charm, Raku gets separated from Chitoge in the crowd and instead stumbles on Kosaki. Afterwards, Raku's relationship charm gets nabbed by a calico cat and Raku chases after it, passing by Marika then Seishirō. Meanwhile, a yukata-clad Chitoge finds Raku's charm and returns it to him. Reading a sign regarding the meaning behind relationship charms, Chitoge receives a relationship charm as an offer from Raku and mistakes it as a proposal.
18 "At the Beach"
( ウミベデ, Umibede)
Kentaro Yabuki May 10, 2014
Raku and the gang go to a beach in the midst of their summer vacation. Chitoge develops romantic feelings for Raku, much to her anxiousness. Kosaki inadvertently asks an asleep Raku of allowing her to kiss him whereas Chitoge mishears it as Kosaki asking for kimchi. While trying to confirm her feelings, Chitoge is approached by Raku and asks him if they would work out if they ever became a real couple.
19 "The Play"
( エンゲキ, Engeki)
KEI May 17, 2014
Due to Chitoge's refusal of accepting the role in their play, Kosaki steps in and takes the role as Juliet with Raku as Romeo. Whilst in the midst of rehearsals, Raku and Chitoge gets into a heated argument over their fake relationship. As Raku vehemently states how dysfunctional things are between them and is considering to end their ties, Chitoge slaps Raku out of anger. On the day of their play, Kosaki gets injured after rescuing a fellow classmate from a fall. With no one else to take over Kosaki in her role as Juliet, Raku approaches Chitoge and convinces her to take the part. After Raku apologizes and admits he doesn't despise Chitoge as the latter had presumed, Chitoge leans onto Raku and accepts the role as his Juliet.
20 "Showtime"
( ホンバン, Honban)
KEI May 24, 2014