Naoshi Komi

Naoshi Komi.

Naoshi Komi (古味直志, Komi Naoshi) is a male Japanese manga artist best known for his series Double Arts. Naoshi Komi was born on March 28, 1986 in the Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Naoshi is known for his fantastical artwork and unique storylines.

Background Edit

Naoshi started drawing manga since elementary school and went to the Department of Fine Arts in Yusuhara high school were he further improved his art. Naoshi also studied at the art school in Hyōgo PrefectureKobe on the island Honshu which he graduated from.

Manga career Edit

Naoshi is known to publish his work in the popular Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump, but most of his works consist of one-shot pieces. Naoshi's first official work Double Art debuted in Jump in 2008, but was canceled after it's third volume. Naoshi remained faithful to Jump and launched his new series Nisekoi which achieved popularity in Japan.

Manga works Edit

  • 2007: Akamaru JumpIsland
  • 2007: Weekly Shōnen Jump — Koi no Kami-sama
  • 2007: Weekly Shōnen Jump — Williams
  • 2008: Young MagazineApple
  • 2008: Weekly Shōnen Jump — Double Arts
  • 2008: Jump SquarePersonant
  • 2011 - 2016: Weekly Shōnen Jump — Nisekoi

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