Nanako Onodera




Japanese 小野寺 菜々子
Translation Onodera Nanako
Character information
Gender Female
Date of birth July 7th (cancer)
Height 173 ㎝
Occupation Baker
Home country Japan
Likes Teasing her daughters about Raku

Hard working people

Background information
Chapter " Typhoon"
Episode "Typhoon"
Japanese Sayaka Ohara
English Wendee Lee
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Nanako Onodera (小野寺 菜々子, Onodera Nanako) is a minor character in the Nisekoi series and is the mother of Kosaki and Haru Onodera. She is also the owner of the Onodera Sweets Shop.

Background Edit

She owns a sweets shop which she runs together with her two daughters and her unnamed husband. Raku first met her after Kosaki invited him to work in their shop when one of their employees was absent. She seems to know information about Kosaki's life ten years ago, the time Kosaki became friends with Chitoge and Raku. She has stated that the picture book that Onodera owns was given to her by someone around ten years ago. Unfortunately, Nanako has no memory of who gave Onodera the picture book.

Personality Edit

Nanako's contrasting two-fold personality makes her a lively and a likeable character.

On one hand, she is known to be happy-go-lucky and an absolute joker, teasing her daughters with Raku going as far as suggesting Raku marry Kosaki so he can help with the shop. She called Haru 'Kosaki's rival', insinuating that Haru too likes Raku and is out to get him. Although this could be just seen as teasing, it also could be that she can see through the mutual crush of Raku and Kosaki.

On the other hand, she is shown to be a hard worker and a brutal leader. Her businesswoman demeanour makes her a hardcore perfectionist, success not being a choice but a necessity for anyone working in the shop. This was why after Kosaki's first toxic failure to make sweets, she was prohibited from doing so in the future, Nanako not even bothering to tutor her. She is highly competitive, despising any other shop stealing her customers, and takes any measures to reverse it regardless of her daughters' dignity.

Like Hana Kirisaki, she too got comfortable with the idea of Raku having a relationship with her daughter but only after he proved his worth.

Haru seems to be the only one who shares personality traits with Nanako as Kosaki seems to be quite the opposite in her conduct compared to her mother being neither teasing nor brazen.

Trivia Edit

  • Nanako also has an unnamed husband, mentioned a number of times by Kosaki and Haru. He seems to be out for work a lot and helps out in making sweets.
  • In Japanese Sweets Shop Onodera, the general staff seems to comprise of Haru (chef), Kosaki (decorator; final touches), Nanako (counter lady) and two more chefs Nakamura and Katou who may be the primary chefs of the shop.
  • Nanako may have also attended Bonyari High School and there she befriended Raku's unnamed mother, Chika Tachibana and Hana Kirisaki.
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