Chapter 24
Japanese title クジビキ
translation title Kujibiki
Chapter Information
Chapter number 024
Arc First Year Arc
Volume How to Call
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How to Call

Lottery (クジビキ, Kujibiki) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


The next day after the incident at the girl's bath, Raku and Chitoge meet during lunch. Raku blushes and tries to thank Chitoge for helping him in the bath. Chitoge cuts him off by telling to get lunch. She walks away as if nothing happened the day before. Shū asks Raku if they're fighting but Raku denies this. Chitoge, on the other hand, asks herself why her heart is fluttering so much.

Raku and Shū sit at a table and talk about the courage test. The test will use a lottery to pair boys and girls and have the pair hold hands. Shū asks Raku how much he would pay if he drew Onodera's number. Raku offers 2000 yen for it. Kosaki, on the other hand, is being told by Ruri that she needs to draw Raku's number no matter what. While Kosaki was wondering what she would do if she really do pair up with Raku, she spots him and asked if he had a good night. Raku blushes and remembers what he saw at the girl's bath the other day and immediately leaves Kosaki which makes her wonder if Raku is avoiding him.

The time for the courage test arrives and the girls draw first for the lottery. Ruri announces that Kosaki's number is 12 and with that, Raku wishes that he draws the number 12 which he does much to his surprise. 

When Kosaki tries to talk to Raku, Raku averts his eyes because of the recent incident which makes Kosaki ask if it was okay for her to pair up with him. Raku immediately tells Kosaki that it was just because he was nervous. This makes Kosaki happy since she thought that she was hated by Raku. While the two talk, Chitoge overhears a conversation of some students who were assigned to scare pairs during the test. As Chitoge approaches, they tell her that a student that was supposed to be a ghost had a stomachache and wasn't able to participate. Despite Chitoge's fear of the dark, she volunteered to be a ghost for the courage test. As courage test is about to start, Chitoge is left alone with her broken flashlight and becomes scared.  

At the outskirt of the forest, Raku and Kosaki are told that they need to get ready and hold hands.

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