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Loss/Shrine Maiden
japanese title フンシツ / ミコサン
translation Funjitsu / Mikosan

Production information

Storyboard Akitoshi Yokoyama
Production Fathom sash 輔龍; Tadashi Hanawa
Directed by Yano Akane; Arai Takayuki Noguchi; Kawashima Kumiko Shimizu
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast May 31, 2014
Other airdates February 16, 2019 (United States)
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Loss/Shrine Maiden (Funjitsu / Mikosan フンシツ / ミコサン)  is the 1st OVA of the Nisekoi series that is originally written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi as a manga. The episode released on October 3, 2014.

Overview Edit


Ruri without her glasses

Loss Edit

Ruri leaves her glasses on a window to clean them and goes into the classroom but as she returns to retrieve it, the glasses are nowhere to be seen. She asks Raku and Kosaki to help look for them while trying to get the two alone at the same time. As Kosaki leaves to check the lost and found, Raku asks Ruri if Kosaki has anyone she likes. She tells Raku that Kosaki does have someone she likes and just before she could tell Raku that it's him, Shū interrupts them. As Raku leaves to go help Kosaki, Shū explains that he interrupted them because he wanted Raku and Kosaki to gain the courage themselves to confess one day and to gain their happiness themselves. Kosaki and Raku soon return with Ruri's glasses. In class the next day, Ruri takes Shū's advice and lies to Raku by telling him that she was joking about Kosaki having a crush with Raku's rejoice afterward. Ruri isn't so happy at taking Shū's advice but lets it go since they're 'glasses buddies'.


OVA 1: Loss title card

Shrine Maiden Edit


OVA 1: Shrine Maiden title card

It's New Year's Eve and Raku and the gang are working at a nearby shrine. Raku and Shū leave to do separate work from Chitoge, Kosaki, Tsugumi, and Marika where the girls meet the shrine's priestess. The priestess warns the girls of unfortunate events that would happen to Raku if they don't do anything about it. The girls try several attempts to get rid of Raku's bad luck from methods the priestess gave them but none of them seemed to work. Afraid of what the girls will do to him next, Raku runs away from the girls and ends up getting knocked on the New Year's Bell which released Raku of his bad luck and was also a method the priestess recommended earlier. After getting hit by the bell, the girls explain their reasons of doing weird attempts to Raku to try and purify him which he understands and appreciates.

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Trivia Edit

  • This OVA's opening theme was "Click" that featured Marika for the first time.
  • Loss is adapted by Nisekoi Chapter 58: Loss
  • Shrine Maiden was adapted by Nisekoi Chapter 64: Shrine Maiden
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