Japanese title カギアナ
translation title Kagiana
Chapter Information
Chapter number 011
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Zawsze in Love
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Keyhole (カギアナ, Kagiana) is the eleventh chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Upon realizing that the key Raku had used was actually the key to the girl's locker room, Chitoge and Ruri accuse him of being a peeper and ties him up for it. Although Raku had explained himself, only Kosaki believes him thus making both the girls untie him. On the day of the practice match, Chitoge gets a cramp in her leg and drowns in the water. Immediately, Raku jumps into the water and saves her. Bringing her onto dry land, Shū checks to see if she's still breathing, to which she is but he lies telling Raku that he can't hear her breathe. Raku forces himself to do CPR on her but as he put his mouth near Chitoge's, she awakens and screams at him.

Later, while changing with Kosaki in the girl's locker room, Ruri states to herself that it is getting harder to tell if Chitoge and Raku are really dating. She then advises Kosaki to forget about the person she had promised ten years ago and to focus on her current love. After Ruri leaves, Kosaki thinks to herself that the love she had ten years ago and her current love might be connected somehow. She also concludes that Raku had actually been trying to unlock his pendant with her key, meaning that Raku must have been the boy that she had made the promise with ten years ago. Outside the locker room, Chitoge catches Shū and Raku comparing her and Kosaki's body figure. This prompts her to beat both of them up, tossing them into the water and surprising Kosaki.

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