Honda Youko
Japanese ホンダ
Translation Honda
Character information
Other names Youko (real name), Shinobu (title)
Gender Female
Age 25
Height 176 ㎝
Occupation Police escort
Home country Japan
Goal Protect Marika Tachibana
Likes Marika Tachibana, Migisuke Aiba
Background information
Chapter "Mayhem"
Japanese You Taichi
English Claire Blackwelder
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Honda Youko is a police escort and Marika Tachibana’s personal attendant. However, she was actually a "monitor" assigned by Chika Tachibana, a fact that was well-known to Marika herself.


Honda is a matured young woman with mid-back length black hair with bangs that covers her left eye, copper brown eyes and a curvaceous figure.

She always wears her black office uniform and she is almost always seen with a deadpan face.


Honda is very stoic and has a tight-lip personality. She maintains a calm and serious demeanor in the background, even in dire situations.

Despite her seemingly cold attitude and ruthless actions, in reality she really cares for Marika, so much as to forsake her family's pledge to Tachibana family (with Marika's mother as current head) in order to uphold her personal pledge to Marika.


Honda is an experienced policewoman who is noted to have been caring for Marika ever since she was young. Her work allows her to have a vast array of information in regards to criminals and civilians, and she leads Marika's own army of a specialized police force in times of trouble.

However her true identity is the head of ninja-like Hidden Guards of Tachibana Family, codenamed "Shinobu". Her family works for Tachibana family for generations, therefore she serves under Chika Tachibana, the current head. Her works include bodyguarding, gathering intelligence, monitoring enemy forces, manipulating information, subversion, and other dangerous underground activities. Currently she serves as "monitor" for Marika's health and progress in her approach to Raku Ichijou. Her signature weapon is a weighted chain.


First Year Arc[]

Second Year Arc[]


  • Master marksman and CQC combatant: As a highly trained police officer and bodyguard, Honda is proficient in many forms of combat. She is an excellent marksman with firearms and bows to even rival the hit-girl Seishirō Tsugumi.


Marika Tachibana[]

She is Marika's loyal and protective personal attendant. They have a strong bonding connection with each other, to the point that she and Marika would bathe together, and Marika herself is comfortable enough to even tell her direst secrets to Honda. Honda cares for her so greatly that she is willing to forsake her generations-old family loyalty to Tachibana Family in order to uphold her own pledge to Marika.

Marika is the only one to whom Honda told her real name, Youko.

Raku Ichijou[]

Although she doesn't seem like it, Honda actually trusts Raku enough to take Marika's hand in marriage. Even to the point that she even allowed the two to be alone on an island during New Year's Eve.

Migisuke Aiba[]

Both are fellow policemen who care deeply for Marika. In Chapter 112, it was found out that Migisuke is actually in love with Honda, but since he has no experience about love or talking to women, he asked for help from Marika. In the same chapter, he also asked Honda to marry him, but all he got back was a flying kick in the face.

Seishirō Tsugumi[]

Honda was aware of Tsugumi liking Raku, something that startled the latter. For this, Honda saw Tsugumi as a threat to Marika Tachibana and impeded Tsugumi.

Both know of and respect each others' abilities. So much so that Honda taught Tsugumi how to use weighted chains, which Tsugumi used in chapter 222 to beat Claude.