Home Visit
Chapter 8
Japanese title ホウモン
translation title Houmon
Chapter Information
Chapter number 008
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Zawsze in Love
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Getting Closer

Home Visit (ホウモン, Houmon) is the eighth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Plot Edit

Chitoge is finally been able to acclimate herself into the class and gets used to her new high school life, making new friends and enjoying herself. At some point, Ruri and Kosaki see Raku and Chitoge talking and having fun taking care of the plants and animals behind the school. This make Kosaki slightly jealous since she likes Raku as well. Ruri immediately deduces that Kosaki has feelings for him and promptly asks her to make her feelings clear to him. At that, she meets Raku in their classroom and asks him if they can have a study session at his house, to which Raku willingly agrees to. Shū and Chitoge also tag along for their study session. At his house, Raku notices that Kosaki had been averting her eyes from him, making Raku really nervous. During their study session, Ruri gets Raku and Kosaki together by making Raku solve the questions Kosaki couldn't do. However, Chitoge gets in his way by solving the questions that for her, much to his annoyance. Noticing this, Chitoge asks Kosaki if there was anyone that she likes, to which Kosaki nervously lie about saying that she doesn't. Eventually, Shū directs the topic towards the love between Raku and Chitoge. Having enough of it, Raku brings Shū outside and tells him the truth. However, Shu tells Raku that he had already known this from the beginning and was just toying with him. Then, Shū advises Raku to confess to Kosaki before telling him that Kosaki already likes him.

Chapter notes Edit

Character revelations Edit

  • It has been confirmed that Kosaki has a crush on Raku.
  • Chitoge is shown to be very smart and does well in school.

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