Chapter 18
Japanese title シアワセ
translation title Shiawase
Chapter Information
Chapter number 018
Arc First Year Arc
Volume How to Call
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Visiting the Ill

Happiness (シアワセ, Shiawase) is the eighteenth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Claude is seen timing Tsugumi as she practices her gunmanship in a cell. Although she still hasn't lost her touch, she blushes when Claude reminds her of Raku.

Later the next day, Tsugumi re-introduces herself to Kosaki and Ruri. At that moment, Shū comes in telling Chitoge that she's as cute as ever, much to the annoyance of Tsugumi who reacted by pointing a gun to Shu's head. All the while, Raku states to himself that Tsugumi was able to get used to the class in no time.  

For the past few days, Raku notices how vigilant Tsugumi remains around him. During Raku and Chitoge's club activity, they were told to buy some food for the animals. This prompts Tsugumi, who was spying on them at that time, to help Chitoge by taking her place. Her plan was to find out if Raku had really loved Chitoge. This ended in failure as Chitoge chooses to confiscate all of Tsugumi's weapons while ordering her to wear a more ladylike outfit. 

As they go into town, everyone seems to take notice of how cute Tsugumi really looks including Raku. At the pet shop, Raku seems to realize how different Tsugumi acts when she's wearing girl clothing. Tsugumi notices Raku staring at her and scolds him for it but trips on her high heels. Raku immediately catches Tsugumi, not letting her get injured from the fall. Taking off her high heels, both of them notice that a bruise had formed on her feet. Raku chooses to carry Tsugumi back to school, ignoring Tsugumi's protests.

While walking back, Raku questions her about her relationship with Chitoge. Their conversation eventually leads to Raku asking about Tsugumi's first love. Tsugumi replies that she threw away her womanhood a long time ago and her only purpose is to be of use to Chitoge. Raku doesn't find this right and tells her that someone who can do their best for others is bound to fall in love. Tsugumi blushes as she hears this and then hits him, telling Raku that she isn't in his debt. 

At night, Claude is seen timing Tsugumi again as she practices her gunmanship. However, she loses focus and messes up when Claude reminds her of Raku. Asking her if there is any problem, Tsugumi tells Claude that Raku hasn't changed at all, thus prompting Claude to order her to continue her mission.

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