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Japanese title グリーティングズ
translation title Gurītinguzu
Chapter Information
Chapter number 037
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Typhoon
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Greetings (グリーティングズ, Gurītinguzu) is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Marika asks Raku to come and meet her father. He doesn't seem willing to go and Chitoge states that their engagement is null and void. Marika tells Raku that if he has any complaints about their engagement, he will have to tell her father himself.

As Marika and Raku enter her home the next day, Raku learns and sees that Marika's father is actually a very scary man who also wants his father imprisoned.

Marika leaves her father and Raku alone as she goes to get some tea. As she leaves, Marika's father talks to Raku about how much Marika loved and talked about him for the past ten years. Despite Raku's appreciation for the affection Marika has for him, Raku tells her father that he likes someone else which makes Marika's father happy. He tells Raku that he should be free to be with other people for awhile but must be ready to make Marika happy one day.

As Raku walks down the hall, Marika approaches him and asks how the talk was between he and her father. When he tells her that their conversation was good, Marika then asks him what kind of girl he likes and that she is willing to change herself in order to make him happy. Raku tells her that he likes the way she is and doesn't care how she changes herself because she's already cute.

This makes Marika flustered, starts to speak in her Hakata dialect, and asks Raku to turn away from her as she runs away to hide behind her couch.

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Character Revelations Edit

  • Marika also speaks in her Hakata dialect when she becomes flustered.
  • Marika's father wishes to put Raku's father in prison and has also gotten a scar over his left eye from him.

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