Good Morning
Japanese title オハヨウ
translation title Ohayou
Chapter Information
Chapter number 098
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume Bouquet
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Good Morning is the ninety-eighth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


During Onodera's third year in middle school, she was already in love with Raku. They weren't exactly very talkative with each other at first, but rather, they started of slowly. Raku, being the type who's kind to everyone, was the main reason as to why Onodera had started liking him. Onodera looked forward to their "good mornings" in the morning and their "see you later" after school.

Onodera liked Raku so much, she let her infatuation influence the school she chose. Onodera switched her choice of high school from an all-girls school to her current high school, Bonyari High School, because Raku is applying to Bonyari High. She alerts Ruri of her decision, so Ruri chooses the same high school as well. Thus began Onodera's long study marathon in order to take the entrance examination and pass. With Ruri tutoring her and Raku's encouragement, she tries her best during the entrance exam but finds it all in vain when her application is denied.

On a cold winter day, Raku finds Onodera sitting by herself and wonders what she was doing. After telling her that he had heard of her results, he insists that she wear his scarf and hands it to her, though Onodera declines politely. Raku still persists and they both end up using the scarf. After a moment of silence, Onodera receives a phone call from her mom, telling her that she got accepted into Bonyari High after all. After hearing this, Raku was overjoyed and looks forward to tomorrow's meeting at Bonyari High together. In the present, Onodera is still happy that she gets to see Raku the same way he saw him during her middle school years.  

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Kosaki was in the same class as Raku during her second year in middle school, but did not talk to him until her third year.
  • Kosaki originally wanted to go to Otori Girls' High School.
  • Kosaki wanted to go to Otori High because there were many cake shops nearby
  • Ruri already knew what college she wanted to go to in middle school.

Trivia Edit

  • The beginning contains a full color page, celebrating two years of Nisekoi and getting to be on the front cover.
  • There is a page at the end with Claude and Tsugumi advertising the Nisekoi drama CD.