Japanese title オンナユ
translation title Onnayu
Chapter Information
Chapter number 023
Arc First Year Arc
Volume How to Call
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Girls (オンナユ, Onnayu) is the twenty-third chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Trying hard to not let the other girls see Raku, Chitoge tells him that she's helping find a way out. Since the front entrance to the bath was not an option, nor climbing over the walls, he chooses to escape through the employee's entrance. Raku manages to reach the employees entrance but fails as the rest of his female classmates arrive with their class teacher despite Chitoge's distraction.

As Chitoge tries to get the girls distracted, Raku notices a hole that connects both the boys' and girls' bath together and chooses to escape through it. Chitoge understands the plan and tells him to quickly go while she covers him. Kosaki becomes embarrassed after being asked who her crush was and blocks the hole Raku tried to get through but Chitoge manages to get Kosaki away from the hole; allowing Raku to pass. Raku manages to get to the boys' side of the hot spring with the surprise of the boys inside. 

Later, Raku meets up with Chitoge to thank her for helping him.

Back at their room, Ruri warns Raku and Shū to not open the door to the girls' bedroom. Shū agrees at first but disobeys her orders and ends up receiving the consequences. In the end, both Raku and Shū were forced to sleep upside down whilst tied to a rope outside on their balcony.

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  • The katakana of the title makes reference to the women's' bath of a spa.
  • This chapter was adapted into an episode for Hot Springs (episode).
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