Getting Closer
Japanese title セッキン
translation title Sekkin
Chapter Information
Chapter number 009
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Zawsze in Love
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Getting Closer (セッキン, Sekkin) is the ninth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Shocked at what Shū had said, Raku tries to concentrate while studying but fails as he can't keep his mind off Kosaki. Unbeknownst to him, his servants want Raku and Chitoge to be alone together, so they devise a plan telling Raku and Chitoge to go and fetch some expensive black tea in the back warehouse. The plan is a success as they push both of them into the warehouse and leave them alone.

Raku realizes this scheme too late and starts apologizing to Chitoge, only to find that she's clinging onto him. Embarrassed, Chitoge explains that ever since she got stuck in a washing machine for five hours, she has always been afraid of dark places and this renders her completely immobile. Not wanting to leave her alone, Raku chooses to stay by Chitoge's side even though there is a ladder right next to them that could be used to escape the warehouse.

To avoid awkwardness, both of them try to strike up a conversation; the topic eventually leads up to Kosaki's personality and then to the fact that they have never had their first kiss. Flustered, Chitoge tries moving and is finally able to let go of Raku. She tries getting up but falls on top of Raku, nearly kissing him in the process. Both of them stare at each other before being interrupted by Claude, who forcefully opens the door to the warehouse. Shocked at the sight, Claude gets mad at Raku for trying to kiss Chitoge and at that moment, Kosaki and Ruri appear, apparently worried at Raku's and Chitoge's disappearance. Upon seeing what was happening, Kosaki runs away, bringing Ruri with her. Later that night, Chitoge writes on her notebook that Raku does have some good points, blushing as she thinks about it.

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Character Revelations Edit

  • Chitoge is shown to be afraid of the dark due to an incident as a child of being stuck in a washing machine for 5 hours.

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