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Japanese title イクスプローズン
translation title Ikusupurōzun
Chapter Information
Chapter number 035
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Typhoon
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Explosion (イクスプローズン, Ikusupurōzun) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Raku turns down Marika's offer to tell him everything about the promise with the condition of breaking up with Chitoge despite wanting to know so badly. Marika appreciates the answer and tells him she's falling more in love with him. She mentions that she doesn't want Raku to be somebody else's especially if their eavesdropping as she looks behind the bench to find Chitoge much to Raku's surprise.

Chitoge asks Marika about the promise from ten years ago. Marika tells her that Raku is the one she actually promised to and that Chitoge is in the way of their 'love'. Chitoge gets mad at Raku for finally finding the girl he had always been looking for and punches him out of agitation which surprises her.

As Chitoge leaves, Marika suddenly ends their date and thanks as she runs off. Raku sees that she had forgotten her purse and tries to bring it to her. He surprisingly finds her close by but sees her talking to Honda. He overhears Honda reminding Marika that she may be taking it to hard for weak body.

As Honda leaves to go get medicine for her, Raku comes up to her to return her purse and asks if she's ok. She is happy that he's worrying about her but then asks why he likes Chitoge. Raku tells her despite Chitoge's bad qualities, she still has good points. Raku then asks her why she likes him regardless of not remembering a single thing about her. This ticks her off and makes her suddenly talk in a Hakata dialect and starts ranting out about how hard she has changed for him. She suddenly stops herself and becomes surprised of going back to her bad-speaking habits. Raku becomes surprised at the way she suddenly talked as well and remembered her as 'Mari'.

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Character Revelations Edit

  • Marika has a Hakata dialect whenever she gets mad.
  • Marika changed herself in order to make Raku happy.
  • She is known as Mari according to Raku.

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