Nisekoi chap27
Japanese title ヨリミチ
translation title Yorimichi
Chapter Information
Chapter number 027
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Confirmation
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Detour (ヨリミチ, Yorimichi) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Chitoge calls out to Raku, asking for directions, as he is about to start a conversation with Kosaki, much to Raku's annoyance. Kosaki takes notice of Raku calling his 'girlfriend' by her first name. While Ruri demands Kosaki to call Raku by his first name as well, Seishirō appears and informs the gang about throwing a surprise birthday party for Chitoge. After Seishirō reluctantly invites Raku to the celebration, Ruri forces both Raku and Kosaki to buy a present for Chitoge together.

At a café - their meeting place - a conscious Raku ponders if he and Kosaki are about to go on a date. Inside the café, Kosaki asks Raku if they could get started in shopping for Chitoge's birthday present as the people around them start mistaking them as lovers. Kosaki then asks Raku of what type of gift they would buy for Chitoge. Attempting to ask Kosaki about her birthday, Kosaki cuts Raku off by telling him they should go window shopping, prompting Raku to ask Kosaki about her birthday aside by asking her as they shop later.

To Raku's dismay however, his gift shopping with Kosaki ended earlier than expected. Kosaki asks Raku if he had any fun during their trip together, putting into account Ruri's assertiveness towards him. Raku declares he had a fun time with Kosaki, much to the latter's relief as she leads Raku into a "detour". To Raku's amazement, Kosaki leads her to her secret location overlooking the city. When asked if anyone other than him were brought to her secret place, Kosaki denies it, saying to keep the location their own secret as it is also her way of thanking Raku for their trip. As Raku promises to keep their location a secret, Raku sees the splitting image of the girl he promised with at Kosaki while the latter calls Raku by his given name. Taking the opportunity to ask Kosaki about her birthday, Raku instead vocally asks Kosaki about the probability of her being the girl he made a promise with ten years earlier. As a reply, Kosaki confirms it.

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