Beehive Gangsters

Bee Hive Gang members

The Beehive Gang (蜂の巣ギャング, Hachinosu gyangu) are an American gang, formerly run by Chitoge Kirisaki's father, Adelt Wogner Kirisaki and now run by Claude. They constantly have turf wars with the Yakuza, but are currently in a truce due to the next in line heads from each group dating.


Name Rank Status
Adelt Wogner Kirisaki Former Boss Active
Chitoge Kirisaki Member Active
Claude Boss Active
Seishirō Tsugumi Member Active
Paula McCoy Member Active


  • All the members of the Bee Hive Gang dote on Chitoge, which at times annoys her.
  • Their boss, Adelt, and the gang are terrified by Adlet's wife, Hana Kirisaki, despite not being part of the group.
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