Nisekoi volume8
japanese title ギリギリ
translation Girigiri
Volume Information
Volume 8
Manga chapters 9
ISBN 978-4-08-870805-8 (Japan)
978-1-42-157380-9 (English)
Japanese release September 4, 2013
English release March 3, 2015
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Almost (ギリギリ, Girigiri) is the eight volume of the Nisekoi series. It has been released in Japan on September 4, 2013 released by Shueisha, and in the United Stated on March 3, 2015 by Viz Media.

Short summary Edit

As Chitoge gets more and more acclimated to her new life in Japan, she finds herself spending more time with Raku and her newfound friends, most of whom have a crush on Raku as well! But now that it's Valentine's Day, will Chitoge and friends find the nerve to give Raku their homemade chocolates?!

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 63: After That (ソノアト, Sonoato)
  • Chapter 64: Shrine Maiden (ミコサン, Mikosan)
  • Chapter 65: Change (ヘンボウ, Henbou)
  • Chapter 66: Changing Seats (セキガエ, Sekigae)
  • Chapter 67: Delicious (オイシイ, Oishii)
  • Chapter 68: That Is (ソレッテ, Sorette)
  • Chapter 69: Almost (ギリギリ, Girigiri)
  • Chapter 70: Handcuffs (テジョウ, Tejou)
  • Chapter 71: Work (オシゴト, Oshigoto)[1]

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References Edit

  1. Japanese title differs with: "Hataraku"

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